The main problem ahead is the sheer scale of the ox carcass. I have only ever had to prepare a few bones at a time, as and when the need for raw materials arises. I very quickly came to realise that the large catering pan that I normaly use for boiling bones would not be up to the job in hand.

Fortunately with a flash of inspiration that even Heath Robinson would have been proud of I realised that all the ingredients needed to rig a temporary rendering plant were already to hand.

With some paving slabs, a double stainless steel sink unit and an old galvanised steel wash tub and bin lid that I already had laying around all I needed to get on with the job was some smokeless fuel.

I just love the way that the world works in those mysterious ways at times. Imagine my suprise when I got home and realised that fuel I had bought to boil an ox was “Oxbow Excel”.