Bone Exhibition @ the Florence Nightingale Museum

An exhibition has started today and runs to 31 August 2012 which looks just up my street It’s called “Bone” and it’s taking place at:

Florence Nightingale Museum

Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 5pm

Address: Florence Nightingale Museum, 2 Lambeth Palace Road London SE1 7EW


Contacts: 020 7620 0374,

Would love to get to see the show or to find out who they have commissioned as the contemporary bone carvers for the exhibition.

Bone Carving Exhibition


Went to the preview evening last night of the Flux exhibition at the Courthouse in Thirsk where I am showing a range of bone carvings.

A great venue with an open and well naturaly lit space with an eficient and friendly reception helping the evening along.

Well worth a visit if you are in the Thirsk area.























The Old Courthouse
4 Westgate,
North Yorkshire

Stage 1 Complete.

I was pleased to see that a bag and a half of coal would keep awash tub full of water and all associated body bits simmering for 8-10 hours. This softens the flesh and fat and makes it easier to remove. Then after leaving the resulting soup for a further 2 days they were ready just to remove the remaing of the bits with your hands.

The result of the rendering, is our first tray of bones

I will be interested to experiment with some of these as I have never worked with bones such as ribs or the spinal column as there is not the same amount of bulk raw material that you find in the leg bones. I am also looking forward to having a go with those because Cyril is possibly the largest ox I have ever had the pleasure to have bones from.

Preparing the Bones.

The main problem ahead is the sheer scale of the ox carcass. I have only ever had to prepare a few bones at a time, as and when the need for raw materials arises. I very quickly came to realise that the large catering pan that I normaly use for boiling bones would not be up to the job in hand.

Fortunately with a flash of inspiration that even Heath Robinson would have been proud of I realised that all the ingredients needed to rig a temporary rendering plant were already to hand.

With some paving slabs, a double stainless steel sink unit and an old galvanised steel wash tub and bin lid that I already had laying around all I needed to get on with the job was some smokeless fuel.

I just love the way that the world works in those mysterious ways at times. Imagine my suprise when I got home and realised that fuel I had bought to boil an ox was “Oxbow Excel”.